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Sunnie Kwon
KKCA Preschool Director
Yun-Kyung Lee
Sun Class Lead Teacher
Hana Park
Star Class Lead Teacher
Rev. Jinny Song
Our excellent teachers are accredited as Early Childhood Educators who are committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual growth of children.

They attend on-going Professional Development initiatives to assure current best practices and methods that are used consistently for the safety and well-being of each child.

Our staff is characterized by their growing walk with Jesus Christ, expressed in a life that is increasingly gracious, generous, loving and kind.

A Message From Our Director

Sunnie Kwon
KKCA Preschool Director
As a young child I always dreamed of teaching. I would gather all the neighborhood children together and bring them to my house to start playing school with them. For a couple hours my living room would be instantly transformed into a classroom. The children would be seated in a row on the opposite side of a long table.
Laid out on the table was an abundance of ditto sheets that I had collected from my teachers. I would teach them to write alphabets and numbers, and their names on those ditto sheets until they get so tired and ready for their parents to come and rescue them from me.

As a parent, I desired an educational environment where learning is fun, and an integral part of the curriculum is a working knowledge of all academic disciplines rooted in Biblical truth. I longed for an environment where teachers partner with the parents in educating the child as well as an environment that exudes the Spirit of God, and my children would be saturated with the Holy Scriptures. In this amazing place, children are respected as individuals, race and gender are celebrated, and creativity, curiosity, and independence are cultivated in every child. This special place would also recognize that individuality is manifested for the enhancement of the Greater Community and respect would permeate the environment.

As a leader of Kingdom Kids Christian Academy, I am committed to taking whatever steps necessary to provide an exceptional school, based on the educational methods of KKCA and Philosophy with Holy Scriptures. KKCA’s mission is to provide an environment that will help the children internalize truth and prepare them for productive God-honoring lives as adults. At KKCA there is a commitment to a close partnership between home and school, academic accountability and an innovative program that will lead students to develop extraordinary levels of personal responsibility, independence, and self-confidence.

Thank you again for your interest in KKCA. Enjoy our website and I look forward to partnering with you in nurturing the maturation of all your child’s God–given talents and abilities.

God Bless,
Sunnie Kwon

A Message From Our Director

Sunnie Kwon
KKCA Preschool Director
어린 중학교 시절 때부터 나의 꿈은 늘 선생님이 되는 것이었다. 학교를 마치고 집에 돌아 오는 길 이면 골목길에서 놀고 있는 동네 아이들을 집에 데려다가 흙묻은 손을 씻기고 마루에 앉히어 공부를 시키곤 하였다. 긴상을 펼쳐놓고 아이들을 양쪽에 마주 앉히고 학교에서 선생님께 얻어온 연습지를 나누어 주고 아이들에게 가나다라 와 1234 를 가르쳐 주었고, 그렇게 한참을 하고 있으면 아이들의 부모님들이 우리집에 와서 아이들을 내게로부터 구출(?)하러 오시곤 하였다.

그러나 부모가 된 나에게는 모든 것이 성경 말씀을 바탕으로 아이들에게 전체적으로 흥미 있는 교육 과정과 좀 더 좋은 환경을 만들어 주고 싶다. 내가 바라는 것은 선생님과 부모님이 함께 아이들에게 하나님의 말씀을 바탕으로 교육 시키며 가정에서나 학교에서 하는 모든 우리의 모습이 하나님 보시기에 선한 모습으로 아이들에게 전달 되는 것이다.

그래서 우리 학교에 오는 아이들은 그들이 얼마나 소중한 존재인가를 알고 자신의 개인의 생각과 능력 그리고 자기 만이 갖고 있는 특별한 창의력, 배움을 향한 호기심 그리고 독립심을 잘 이끌어 주고 장려해줌으로써 아이들이 마음껏 뛰어 놀고 배우며 또 그리스도의 공동체의 따뜻한 환경 속에서 무럭무럭 자라나게 해주는 것이 우리의 목표이자 사명인 것이다.

God Bless,

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